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University of Kansas Athletics

Pittcraft - The Official Printer of The University of Kansas Athletics

It's been said that when a Pittcraft employee gets a paper cut...they bleed PMS 293-blue!

In fact, if you take a stroll on the production floor at Pittcrafts' headquarters, don't be surprised to see several marketing and communication pieces littered with Jayhawk prints and blue feathers!

Maybe this has something to do with Pittcraft holding the title of "The Official Printer of Kansas Athletics" for over 15 years!

The University of Kansas Athletics has a long tradition educating and training some of the nation’s top college athletes.  And, Pittcraft is always right there, highlighting the Jayhawks’ legacy on game programs, media guides, players cards, posters and much more.  KU’s athletes are not just about filling Phog Allen Field house with screaming basketball fans.  They make their marks on the tennis courts, ball diamonds, swimming pools, golf greens, and the grid iron.  From rowing teams, to dance teams… touchdowns to slam dunks… Pittcraft makes every printed image as loud and vibrant as the Rock Chalk Jayhawk Chant!

Pittcraft’s relationship with the University of Kansas Athletics runs deep, and is one of their longest partnerships. Pittcraft is truly grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such a great organization. The partnership with The University of Kansas Athletics allows Pittcraft the opportunity to reproduce a number of items for them throughout the year. To see a few samples feel free to browse the gallery below.

Pittcraft is proud to be:

"The Official Printer of The University of Kansas Athletics!"