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At Pittcraft, we pride ourselves in having the knack for taking a vision and making it a reality-- just ask Barn Door Events! 

This mother-daughter pair, wedding planning extraordinaire, know how important it is to give their brides-to-be results that take your breath away...

They had a clear vision for Three Rings and a Checklist wedding starter kit, and Pittcraft was honored to serve as "The Best Man" for the job! 

Check out what they had to say below!

Project: Three Rings & A Checklist

An all-inclusive, top-of-the-line roadmap to wedding bliss! Hand crafted with passion, and delivered with care.
 8.5" X 11" 
Material and Specs:

  • Cover: Natural Kraft (1") 3-Ring Binder. One color screen printed (PMS Cool Grey 11)
  • Guts: 80# White Accent Opaque Text. Printed full Color (double sided)
  • Tabs: 80# Accent Opaque Cover With 5 Bank Mylar reinforced tabs. Printed full color (double sided)
  • Clear Pockets: 40 sheet capacity Polypropylene Binder Pockets
  • Binder Wrap: 80# Endurance silk cover (23.75" x 3.875" - scored to wrap). Printed full color (Single Sided)
  • Finished Packaging: Individually shrink-wrapped.

Reproduction Quantity: 500

Q & A:
Tell us a little bit about this project...

After planning those first weddings we knew our couples needed something tangible to help when starting the wedding planning process. There wasn't anything on the market that was short and to the point. So Three Rings and a Checklist was created.

Why did you choose these materials for this product?
Our product was going to go through a lot in 12 months. Hauled around to meetings, thrown in the backs of cars and written all over. Thicker paper and laminated tabs were a must. We wanted to use recycled materials, when possible. The binder and paper both meet these needs.

What were you most excited about when you received the finished product?
Seeing it all come together. We worked on the binder layout and design for almost a year before finally going to Pittcraft with our sad little mockup. It was awesome finally being able to hold the finished product in our hands.

What made you decide to work with Pittcraft on this project?
Choosing a local printer that we could work closely with was important to us. We needed someone who could handle a custom piece and would keep us updated. They did this and more every step of the way. 

Was it a benefit to find a single source for all of the elements of the project? Why?
We could have spent days searching for this piece or that. Pittcraft has connections and they know the industry. It was much easier to let them find what we needed. 

What recommendations would you offer to those looking for a similar piece?
Make sure you know your target audience and what they will be using the product for. Do a mockup if at all possible. Use it. Let others use it. You might be surprised at what you learn. 
Find a printer you can partner with. Someone you trust and have confidence in. Then listen to their suggestions. They might just have some great ideas.

Anything else you would like to add about this project?
We were so pleased with the outcome. We would love to create an entire line of products and would trust Pittcraft to assist with all future endeavors. Everything was packaged as we had requested and delivered without any issues in a timely manner. Working with Pittcraft on the project was a very positive experience!


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