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5 Things We've Learned About Printing

November 29, 2020


          Just 90 short days ago we began the journey of re-positioning Pittcraft Printing for the future.  We have been working furiously on getting to know our customers, re-branding, new marketing materials, a new website, a social media strategy, etc.  Along the way we have learned a couple of things:


1. The printing industry is tough.  No surprise here.  Customers have options, and loyalty is not as important as in the old days.


2. Customers want their printer to keep them apprised of what is new in the industry.  New papers, finishes, and ideas create value for customers. 


3. Customer service is still a great differentiator.  People want to interact with people.  They want the assurance that their order will be done right and that they have a person to stand behind the work.


4. Customers don’t care what equipment you have in house – It’s important to not be anchored to a huge piece of steel.  What customers want is flexibility, small quantities, quick turns, and the greatest innovation and quality possible.


5. Technology is important, but... Yes, customers can to the large mega printers and get deals.  However, they greatly value having a group that uses technology as a complement to the customer experience.


We continue to work daily to build products and services that address the problems and challenges facing our customers.

Is there something that you are looking for from your printer?  Please let us know!