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“We have a problem Houston” – a marketing problem!

November 30, 2020

      It has been interesting talking to customers (both past and prospective), about Pittcraft.  As we listen to the needs of our customers with regards to printing and marketing we inevitably hear, “I didn’t know you did that.”  And, then the customer will proceed to tell us that people don’t know what you do. 

Yes, we have a marketing problem!

Upon acquiring Pittcraft, we have been excited to learn of all the different products that Pittcraft has produced over the years and are committed to getting better at letting people know what we can do for them.  It starts with great people upfront that can help frame the opportunity and ends with craftsmen that can make products that customers are proud to put their name on. 

Step 1 – Tell people what we can do for them.

So, let us start today with a short list of products that we can make for our customers:

That’s a start! 

We will get better at letting people know what we do.  We will take a marketing problem over a quality or service problem any day!