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Pittcraft Printing … Still A Family Owned Business

December 7, 2020
by Joe Dellasega


          Seeing a concept go from an idea on paper to a print product was an exciting process that I greatly enjoyed as a customer.  The feel of the papers, vibrant colors, unique designs, and a plethora of finishing options all contributed to what I considered a fun experience.  So, to have the opportunity to purchase Pittcraft Printing was a dream come true.  To do it with my sons Nick and Daniel at my side, was an even greater thrill.

In July 2020 US Awards purchased Pittcraft from the Collar and Dayton families.  We grew up with the Collars and Daytons and continue to be great friends today.  The timing was right for US Awards to get the physical space we so badly needed, and to expand the number of products that we could offer our school customers.  Additionally, Pittcraft gave us an opportunity to diversify into the corporate marketing space and leverage many of our strengths and capabilities. 

We are blessed to retain Tom and Gene Dayton on the Pittcraft team.  Their knowledge of the printing industry and longtime relationship with clients are invaluable.  We are grateful that they share our vision for the future of printing and are working tirelessly to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

While the names have changed, Pittcraft Printing has not.  We are still a family-owned business looking to grow.  New ideas and new technologies will certainly be keys to our success.  However, the service and care that comes from a family business will not change – in fact, it will be even better.

Pittcraft Printing – still a family-owned business.